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weddingFirst and foremost I am a husband and a father. Nothing is more important than family. I am one of those annoyingly-lucky assholes who fell in love at first sight and never looked back. My wife is a deadset legend; funny, smart and drop-dead gorgeous. My son is a super-chill little dude.

Professionally, I am a technologist. I am employed as the Director of Innovation for a global software company. My core responsibility is to fully realise the revenue potential, and savings, offered by ideas.

My other responsibilities include the implementation and maintenance of innovation strategies, processes and workflows; to foster external innovation networks to quickly deliver new and exciting products to market; to define and deliver roadmaps for each product; to own the complete customer digital experience with our products; to be the ‘Voice of the Market’ for the company; and to support, guide and mentor team members.

I have 1000 interests. I truly love lifting weights, reading and playing chess. I collect chess paraphernalia, vintage comics and pocket knives. I love bonsai, motorsport (the V8’s & F1), photography, painting, playing the guitar and obstacle racing. I’m a gym junkie, a Batman geek and a film buff; and I’m lucky enough to live in paradise – on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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